Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit Products

It sounds crazy doesn’t it?  You buy your favorite skin care brand from an internet retailer but it smells a little strange or feels different.  That’s because it is FAKE!  Shockingly, this is a huge problem in skincare, just like purses, watches and perfume. Any manufacturer that has built their brand, has a stellar reputation, and of course, has exceptional products is at risk. There is an epidemic worldwide.  The FBI has ongoing investigations as do agencies in other countries.  Counterfeiters operate very sophisticated rings and frequently operate outside of the US.   Manufacturers are constantly monitoring and shutting down unauthorized internet retailers only to have another pop up in it’s place. 

Counterfeiters are very skilled at copying products and packaging.  It can be almost impossible to tell the fake from the real skin care product.  At best, these fakes don’t have the proper ingredients, concentrations, formulations, quality or the appropriate storage and handling of true Medical Grade products. Basically all you’ve lost is your money.   At the worst, these products are unsafe and have been found to contain arsenic, carcinogens such as beryllium and cadmium, high levels of aluminum and dangerous levels of bacteria from sources such as urine. 

You can protect yourself by purchasing the products from your physician’s office or their online store and only buying from “Authorized Retailers” for that particular manufacturer. More and more product lines are posting on their websites both the “authorized retailers” and the “unauthorized retailers”. 

Your counterfeit purse can’t cause rashes, burns and infections; your FAKE skin care products could, even to the point of disfigurement!   If the price of the product is so enticing there’s probably a reason for it…you get what you pay for!

At OPAL Aesthetics we offer high grade medical skin care products including Revision, Obagi, Elta MD and Phyto-C. Additionally, we offer detailed consultations and take time to personalize your skin care regimen to individually meet your needs. 

- Laser Specialist Judy Paredes, LME

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