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What’s the difference between products available in drug stores, department stores and physicians’ offices? Do you keep buying skin care products only to find they are either not effective or they irritate you? If this sounds familiar, a medical esthetician could greatly help you. We are highly trained skin specialists working in a medical setting such as dermatology or plastic surgery.

Drug store brands have the lowest quality of ingredients as well as the lowest percentage of active ingredients. It is unlikely you will see drastic changes in your skin. Over the counter products may be less expensive, but that’s irrelevant if you see no improvement. Department stores have products that may be a little better, but you are paying more for the advertising and packaging than the science that went into the product.

Skin care products available through physicians’ offices are often referred to as “medical grade”. Not only do these products have the highest percentages of active ingredients; but are formulated to penetrate deeply. The additional benefit of purchasing medical grade products is the education you receive. Medical estheticians discuss all of your concerns and take many factors into consideration when determining a treatment plan for you. We are there to answer questions and guide you through the process. The path to skin improvement is not linear; there can be bumps along the way. Working together, we can achieve your goals. It all pays off when your friends and family begin complimenting you on your skin! Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today and get your personalized skin care regimen!

– Jasmyne Moody

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