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The eyes are the most revealing facial feature because individuals primarily express themselves and emote through their eyes. The eyes are also arguably one of the most important aspects of facial attractiveness. Puffy, sagging eyelids or eyebrows give a fatigued, sometimes angry appearance. Dr. Price and Dr. Mally's goal is to provide you with functional and beautiful results with every procedure performed while maintaining the health and safety of the eyes.

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As tissues age, fat cells and collagen are lost. Fillers are products that fill a defect in the skin or soften wrinkles and normal facial folds, such as those next to the nose and mouth, around the lips, and under the eyes. Adding volume to these areas results in a smoother and more youthful appearance. Fillers can also be used to reduce scars from acne or trauma. They are also often used to augment the lips to give a fuller, more lush appearance. Below you will find the most common fillers/injectables. However, based on your area of concern, Dr. Price and Dr. Mally will choose the injectable product that is suitable to achieve your desired results.

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The skin is often the most overlooked system when looking to reverse the signs of aging. As you begin your rejuvenation journey, we offer several ways to help you accomplish your goals. Whether incorporating medical grade skin care products into your daily routine or having laser skin resurfacing procedures to enhance your skin’s texture and tone, our aesthetics team will work with you to set realistic goals. We will help you look as good as you feel!

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