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The Wonders of Botox

The Wonders of Botox

You’ve heard of Botox and you’ve seen great results on your friends, but you haven’t taken the leap yet. Botox is FDA approved and is the #1 cosmetic treatment done in the United States. Over 11 million treatments have been done since Botox came on the market in 2002 with very few adverse reactions.

You know Botox mostly for erasing the lines between the eyebrows know as the “11’s” but did you know it’s proven to be very effective for other off label uses. It is successful in smoothing out crow’s feet, forehead lines, and neckbands. It is used for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), eye spasms and as a migraine treatment. Does your smile turn down making you look like you’re constantly frowning? You may be a candidate for treatment to the depressor muscles. Botox not only smoothes out existing wrinkles, it prevents new ones forming. Younger people are taking advantage of this aspect to prevent wrinkle formation and the breakdown of the collagen!

The best advice for getting a successful treatment: go to an experienced physician. Injectables are an area you should not price shop but go with experience and training. Just because someone can inject doesn’t guarantee results! Have confidence in knowing you'll have great results with OPAL Aesthetics. Schedule your consultation today!


- Kristina Price, MD