Dr. Kristina Price focuses on rejuvenation of the periocular regions including eyelids, eyebrows and the mid-face. She blends her expertise in minimally invasive laser aesthetic procedures, anti-aging medicine and advanced surgical techniques to provide her patients with a uniquely customized treatment plan. Dr. Price focuses on achieving subtle, natural results making her patients look and feel decades younger. Recognizing and embracing the personal nature of facial surgery, Dr. Price and her team are committed to fostering exceptional patient relationships.


OPAL Aesthetics was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Georgia Eye Partners. Georgia Eye Partners is a leading multi-specialty ophthalmic surgical practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to provide the highest quality specialty medical and surgical eye care.

OPAL stands for Oculo-Plastic And Laser, as our experts focus predominantly on the periocular area. We combine plastic surgery with laser aesthetic procedures to ensure our clients attain the best possible results. At OPAL Aesthetics, our job is to refine and illuminate those facial features that make each individual uniquely beautiful.

Dr. Kristina Price is a leading expert in cosmetic surgery of the eyelid and facial rejuvenation. She recognizes the importance of creating or restoring a natural, more youthful position of the eyelids and face, rather than a stretched or plastic appearance. Her goal is to provide you with functional and beautiful results with every procedure performed while maintaining the health and safety of the eyes. She offers a consultation to discuss how you may benefit from surgery or other rejuvenating procedures.


Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) and facial plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the eyelids, orbit (bones and anatomic structures around the eyeball) and lacrimal (tear drain) system.

In addition to college and four years of medical school, they complete a one year internship and a three year residency in ophthalmology, followed by two additional years of advanced fellowship training in Oculofacial and Reconstructive Surgery.

The field of oculoplastic surgery combines the precision and microsurgery of ophthalmology with the aesthetic and reconstructive concepts of plastic surgery. Oculoplastic surgery is a small, highly selective subspecialty of ophthalmology. Dr. Price often works in conjunction with physicians of other specialties, such as dermatology, endocrinology, neurosurgery, radiology and otorhinolaryngology in order to provide customized and sub-specialized care.

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