Ptosis typically develops as a result of aging, when the muscle (or muscle tendon) that raises the upper eyelid stretches and loses elasticity. However, many other things can cause ptosis, such as eye injury, previous surgery, and certain muscular and neurologic disorders. Drooping eyelids create a tired and worn appearance. In advanced cases, vision may become impaired, and performing simple routine tasks such as reading, watching television, and driving may become difficult. Symptoms of ptosis include a decreased ability to keep your eyelid open, eye strain, and eyebrow fatigue from the increase effort needed to raise your eyelids.

Your Procedure

A ptosis repair is surgical and involves elevating the drooping eyelid.  The muscle tendon is advanced or tightened to raise the lid to a more appropriate level, thus restoring a brighter and more rested appearance. This procedure is usually done under local anesthesia with IV sedation and typically only lasts about an hour. To reduce bruising and swelling, a CO2 laser may be used in most cases. Your sutures (if applicable) will be removed approximately 7 days following surgery. You will be required to return 1 week, and 1 month following your surgery for a follow up.


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