The orbit (eye socket or bones around the eye) is also one of the primary regions affected by facial trauma. Fractures of the orbital bones surrounding the eye can cause the eye to sink back into its socket, and may also cause facial deformity, poor eye movement, and loss of vision. Orbital fractures can now be repaired with minimal incision through the inside of the eyelid or mouth.


The orbit (eye socket or bones around the eye) is susceptible to a variety of diseases, including orbital tumors, orbital inflammatory syndromes, and Graves’ Eye Disease (thyroid ophthalmopathy). Common symptoms may include pain, double vision, and protrusion or bulging of the eye. Timely evaluation and thorough examination of orbital problems is important.

Your Procedure

A CT or MRI scan is often required, and occasionally, a biopsy is needed for diagnosis. Orbital surgery may involve removing tumors, increasing the space in the socket by removing bones in the orbit (orbital decompression), as seen in advanced cases of thyroid ophthalmopathy, or may involve repairing orbital anomalies caused by an accident or injury (fractures) or congenital (at birth) anomalies.


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