Tessa Bell, LME, Licensed Laser Specialist

Tessa Bell is a licensed laser practitioner who has been working with leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the Atlanta area since 2009. Before becoming a laser practitioner, she worked as an Educator for a pharmaceutical-grade skincare company, demonstrating her dedication to providing proper skincare for all. Prior to specializing in skincare, Tessa completed a Doctorate in Holistic Chiropractic at Life University in Atlanta. She practiced for 7 years in the Chiropractic industry.  This was when she decided to dedicate her life to good skin health, eating right, exercising, and being in the right state of mind. Tessa loves to share her success story with others that wish to follow her regimen for anti-aging and good skin health.

In her spare time, Tessa loves to travel, cook exotic meals and pursue outdoor adventures.

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